Discolored Carpet Restoration

There can be a range of reasons why carpet produces a yellowish compound which leaves the carpet yarns coated with stains. Staining of carpets is more prevalent near fireplaces, flame cooking, furnaces and other open flame sources. Also, pet urine and other colored liquids such as juices can cause the carpet to accumulate difficult to remove stains.

Carpets with stain are mostly treated with the acid rinse procedures. Acid rinse can cause the carpet color to change depending on the material of the carpet. Restoration of the color of your discolored carpet can be done by our carpet clean masters with their tools and solutions.

By breaking down the heavy stains in your carpet, our carpet technicians will be able to revert your carpets to look like new. You can be at ease for they implement the best service through their effective and efficient solutions to serve you the best way possible.

Feel free to contact us if you a need of removing stains visible on your carpets. We are more that willing to be in your aid anytime.

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